Monday, May 29, 2017

Bring Spring Indoors

Its my favorite time of year.  Everything is blooming.  Thick floral fragrances linger in the now more humid air.   But some days, the weather just is not cooperative in allowing us to enjoy the blossoms.  Time to find some flowery accents to make your indoors "spring."

You can always use the beauties found above or similar at Ali Express and have everlasting flowers or find some new and unique vases to put your fresh cut blossoms in.
The secret to keeping your fresh flowers looking fresh is to cut the stem ends each day and be sure to add commercial flower food or use a homemade batch of food 1 teaspoon sugar and 1/4 teaspoon of bleach.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Serviceberries? I Must Try These!

I was blessed to go on an edible nature hike last Saturday.  The naturalist shared a bush called Serviceberry with us and  I knew immediately it was something I had just photoed the week before.
 Now that I know what they are, I can hardly wait to try them!

Highly coveted by birds, serviceberries are of the genus Amelanchier and its many species are found in all of the 50 states, with the exception of Hawaii.  They are known by many nicknames including Juneberry and Shadbush.  I've decided to stick with name serviceberry.  The naturalist that led our Saturday hike shared that the reason it got its serviceberry name is a bit morbid.  Seems that back in the day, corpses were held for burial until the ground thawed.  The only flowers blooming for a burial service at that time of year in sufficient quantity were the serviceberry.

I will hope to collect some in June before my feathered friends get them all and I will make some muffins.  I'll share the results. 

As always, do not eat any wild foods you are not absolutely certain of.  Do not use my blog as your resource for positive ID of a plant or fungi.  Some may have harmful toxins or cause extreme allergic reactions.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Star Spangled Celebrations are almost upon us!

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Memorial Day is just a few short weeks away.  Memorial Day will be followed by Flag Day.  Flag Day will be Followed by Independence Day and then the end of summer American holiday of Labor Day will be upon us.  I've found the perfect place to get my patriotic yard decorations, picnic supplies, grand ones fun items, Dollar Tree!

I found some cute yard decorations...

Picnic supplies...
Patriotic Napkins
And some great  finds for the children! 

6 stick glow wand

The best part is you can shop online or in store.  If you order online, you can have it shipped to your local store for free or pay to have it shipped to you home.