Friday, July 13, 2007

I Can't Part With It!

It's not the prettiest book in the world, but when I went to list it on eBay I found myself reading it rather than writing the description. What's the ugly book about? It's entitled The A & P Every Day Cook Book. I've not found a copyright date, but it is definitely before the use of the modern stove or modern standard cooking measures.
What's so fascinating? It has amazing recipes (and many quite bizarre recipes) of which I've never heard the like. It also has recipes for 'cometiques' and household hints. With my love for all things Victorian & Edwardian, this silly little book will just have to stay with me for a bit longer.
It contains many fascinating recipes, including the recipe for headcheese. Maybe I will take some time to share a few of the recipes and helpful hints in this blog.
Now, what to share first...Something funny or a recipe? Or a funny recipe? I'll start with a recipe that maybe a good cook could easily adapt to modern methods. I've taken the liberty of making it look a little more like a modern recipe.
Indian Chetney

8 oz
sharp, sour apples - pared and cored

8 oz

8 oz

8 oz
browned sugar

8 oz
Stoned Raisins

4 oz
cayenne pepper

4 oz
powdered ginger

2 oz

2 oz

3 quarts

1 quart
lemon juice

1. Chop the apples in small square pieces and add to them the other ingredients.

2. Mix the whole well together, and put in a well-covered jar.

3. Keep jar in a warm place, and stir every day for a month, taking care to put on the lid after this operation.

4. Strain, but do not squeeze it dry. Reserve liquor as it will serve as an excellent sauce for meat or fish.

5. Store the chetney away in clean jars or bottles for use.

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Kether said...

I love it! I love the "stir every day for a month" part. Hilarious.

Actually I've been looking for a recipe similar to this, so I might try it. Well, a bit more modern version...