Monday, January 4, 2010

01-04-2110 Menu Plan Monday

Being the last week of Christmas, I decided to use this Christmas banner one last time.  This month, I am trying to empty my freezer and pantry of extras.  I am participating in a blog challenge, eat from the pantry, to keep me motivated.  My challenge is to keep my grocery bill to under $50 per week.  I fear we will be eating stewed tomatoes and chili a lot this month thanks to a bumper crop in late summer.

Now the only things I should have to buy for this menu are the bread and milk needed for other meals, fresh melon, a few fresh fruits and veggies, and the stew meat.

  • Meal 1- Tilapia, Pasta Salad
          • Meal 4- Chili Mac, crackers
            • Meal 5- Beef Pot Pie made with squares I bought at the Amish Store and Salad

            To view many, many more meal plans, visit the link below!

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            wacki04 said...

            That beef pot pie sounds great! I've always done mine with chicken or turkey (especially with the holidays), but I may have to try some beef soon!!!