Monday, January 11, 2010

1-11-10 Menu Plan Monday

I am so excited, we are going on a trip this week.  Leo and I, along with our daughter Nicole and Son-in-love Bo are going to visit our "adopted" daughter Shifrah and her family in Michigan.  My menu planning is limited to just a few days this week.

Today, I am once again cooking for a funeral at church and will bring home leftovers or carry-out on my way home.

I have my chicken meal left over from last week that didn't get made, so that will take care of another night.

I do not want a lot on my plate the day before we leave, so I think we may just have "take and bake" pizza.

I am still participating in the Eat From Your Pantry challenge,so we will have to frugal in buying snacks and sodas for the hotel and driving.

Unfortunately for any of my dear readers, no new recipes on this week's menu.  I will try to get at least one vintage recipe posted on my recipe blog.

To view many, many more meal plans, visit the link below!

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