Monday, January 25, 2010

1-25-10 Menu Plan Monday

I am still participating in the Eat From Your Pantry challenge.  So, the menu is a bit dull as we search for odds and ends in the pantry and freezer.  I did buy butter, skim milk, croutons,  soda, spinach leaves, and grapes yesterday.

We are having leftover turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and corn tonight.

Tomorrow, I am once again cooking for a funeral, so we will have leftovers from that or sandwiches.

Wednesday I will make a pizza with leftover meats and cheeses from the weekend's baby shower and a pizza kit in the pantry.  I'll have to search in the freezer for a veggie or make a side salad.

Thursday we will have roast beef sandwiches (freezer food), Pasta side, and a salad.

Friday will be the very last of the turkey burgers!! (I promise honey) with a rice or pasta side (I have several packages in the cupboard) and another frozen veggie.

Saturday - Turkey & Zuchimi skillet.  Yes, I have frozen turkey and frozen zucchini in the freezer.  I'll put a little olive oil in the electric fry pan, add the frozen cooked meat, frozen squash, some chopped green onions, diced green peppers, garlic, and some cajun seasoning and see what we end up with.  If it needs a side, it will be brown rice.

Sunday will be odds and end day.  Eat left-overs or those pot pies in the back of the freezer (EEK!)

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sounds like a great meal plan