Thursday, August 7, 2008

Clifford Thompson AKA The Norwegian Viking Giant

Topping out at 8 ft 7 inches tall, Clifford Thompson heralded himself as the world's tallest man. I stumbled on Clifford's life story when I was researching a real photo postcard a had acquired at a recent estate auction.

Clifford was born in 1904 in Rugby, North Dakota and moved to Scandinavia, Wisconsin with his family soon after and was raised in Wisconsin.

He spent 8 years traveling with various circuses and sideshows. He also performed in movies and appeared in many advertising promotions.

He married his 5'6" wife in 1939.

In 1944, Clifford earned his law degree from Marquette University and eventually settled in Portland Oregon, where he died in 1944

I do currently have this postcard listed in my eBay auctions.

To view more pictures and read more about Mr. Thompson, you can visit the Ames Historical Society, Tallest Ever Movie Giants, Genesis 6 Giants and Phreeque.

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