Monday, July 13, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Oh no!! It's Monday already?!! Where did my time go? And then to make matters worse, I forgot that today is the day that the All You Grocery Challenge begins. It sure is a good thing that I was thinking about this for a while. I have decided just to still plan the evening meals, but I will have to record the other meals and snacks on a meal form, so I will have to find one I can print for DH as he is computer challenged and will not be able to enter his meals. I'll put the estimated prices in this blog.

I will be challenged in keeping my costs down for food as I have been using diet shakes for other meals as of late. Now it will be back to fruit smoothies and cereal… About ½ of the groceries I buy for the $50 allotment for the 2 of us for this challenge will probably be frozen or put in pantry. Leo does get his meals at work and he thrives on my leftovers for breakfast. LOL.

Once again, eggs are on sale, so we will be having them twice this week. At 48 cents a dozen, we are talking an inexpensive, protein loaded meal.


Scrambled Eggs with low fat Mozarella Cheese $1.00 (Actually, cheese was frozen from a sale, but I am adding the price in for some of my pantry/frozen items this first week)

Stir Fry Vegetables $1.00 (Another Sale item I had in Freezer, so I will randomly chose an average price. I usually by when they are 2/$1)

Toast or left-over Cherry Pie .25

Milk .50 ($1.86 a gallon last week)


Leftover church food or Tombstone Pizza (Pizza is in Freezer, purchased 4/$10 w coupons) $2.50

Yes, another funeral to cook for… If there is plenty of food leftover, I do get to bring it home for supper or we will have pizza.


Leftover church food or sloppy Joes on toast (fixings in pantry already and I have ground beef that I bougt in bulk for .98 cents a pound that I separated and froze.) $2.20

Chips (Bought on sale w coupon, ½ bag) .50

Salad - Dole salad on sale this week for .98

You got it. I have to cook at church again, only this time for a senior luncheon.


Salsa Chicken Double recipe and cook half and freeze half (For the half we eat this night $3.49 for breasts, .25 cents for taco seasoning, and .50 cents for Salsa)

Cheesy Chive muffins (bisquik and milk) .75 and chives are from garden

Cheese for top of casserole and in muffins $ 1

Frozen Corn $1

Instant Potatoes (Leo must have potatoes with corn) $1


Salmon loaf $1

Frozen Peas $1

Cantaloupe $1


Cheese Omelet $1.24 (6 eggs and one bag of shredded cheese)

Bacon $2

Toast .25

Fruit or Vegetable from farmers market $2


Ham (Large in bone ham pick of for .89 a pound. Will eat and save some for sandwiches and freeze rest for casseroles. $1.68

Yam fries (sliced, baked yams) $3

Fresh fruit or veggies from farmers market $2

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