Monday, July 20, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

All I seem to have time to post lately is my Menu Plan Monday and All You Grocery Challenge entries. We are just overly busy with wedding plans.

Last week, I managed to keep my spending on groceries under $30, but I would have liked to have bought more produce to freeze. Maybe this week. I have a hard time passing up discounted meat at the grocery store, so I will have to decide to save room for freezing some produce.

If you've noticed, I usually do not list our breakfast, lunch, and snack options, as these usually consist of leftovers, smoothies/shakes, or cereal. This weeks menu (mostly from pantry foods) is as follows:


Ham & Egg scramble

Herbed steamed cauliflower w banana peppers (I have a lot of these little peppers)


Manwich Sandwiches

Melon de jour (several on sale this week)

Chips (for Leo)


Grilled Turkey Brats

Vegetable packets on the grill (see previous entries)



Crock Pot Chicken & Veggies (Grabbed from freezer supply)


Crustless Quiche (w ham)

Melon again!


Left-overs or frozen pizza


Beef Roast

Baked Potatoes (Instant potatoes if I forget to buy bakers)

Green Beans

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Becca said...

I love quiche but I have never made it from scratch. Cotsco actually sells refrigerated broccoli and cheese quiche that is great!