Monday, August 10, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Another week has flown by. This week I have my tests at the cardiologists. I really hope to be back to regular activity, especially driving, soon. Because of my driving limitations, I have been trying to make from my well stocked home. I suppose if the lack of driving becomes a long term issue, I will have to resort to new measures. Luckily, when my husband went to town the other day, he let me know and I did get some fresh veggies and fruit


Cheesy Rice and Ham (I'm throwing this together and will share recipe if it is good)

Squash (crooked Neck made w butter, cinnamon, & stevia)

Watermelon slices


French Toast




Spicy Salsa Beef & Cheesy Chive Biscuits

This is just using some cooked shredded beef (frozen from the wedding), mixed with a jar of salsa.

For the biscuits, I just use the boxed mix and add chives from my garden and shredded cheese.

Spinach Salad



Out to eat (hospital day)


Beef on potatoes (or bread if I am not up to cooking)

Baby Carrots

Ice Cream


Leftovers or frozen Pizza


Chicken from wedding (Frozen broasted chicken that just needs to be reheated)

Steak Fries

BBQ sauce or Ranch or Ketchup for dipping

More Squash

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