Friday, August 7, 2009

Prolonged QT Interval

The current thorn in my side. Who knew that a little squiggly line could get doctors so excited. Just days before our daughter's wedding (August 1) the cardiologist told me that I should not do anything to raise my heart rate or drive a car. This has been a challenge, and I must confess that I did drive twice on the day of the wedding. Just had to get things from point A to point B.

The problem is that this prolonged QT interval puts me at a high risk of bad arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death, so I need to take it easy. I do hope that these restrictions aren't permanent. It has been a great wake-up call for me. My God should be my priority and at times my busy Martha life takes over.

Next week, I have tests at the hospital. Hopefully, I will have some answers then. I'm not scheduled to see the Electrocardiologist until September!!!

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