Monday, July 27, 2009

Wedding Week – Menu Plan Monday

This week's menu plan is going to be shy a few meals! I am excited to say that the week of my daughter's wedding has finally arrived. I am excited and relieved.

My dear husband nixed the All You Grocery Challenge last week. He wanted to go out to eat with his brother who is visiting from Missouri. He decided that this challenge was no longer fun when it was not in our budget to go out. To be honest, I am glad. I do like to be frugal, but I do not like to watch every penny unless I must.

With health issues looming in the background for me, this past week has been a bit upsetting. Hopefully, we will make it through the wedding and then I can have all the issues my body thinks is necessary. For this week, because of the wedding, I am focusing on simple and quick rather than healthy and economical and I have fewer meals to plan.


Leftover Buffet or frozen pizza

(I let my husband decide as he takes leftovers to work, so he can decide whether he needs to preserve a few for his lunch.)


Pasta w spaghetti sauce and ground beef




Chicken Taco Salad

(Of course, I will lighten this up a bit with Fat Free ingredients when possible)


Chinese Take-out (the bride's favorite)


Rehearsal Dinner


Wedding Dinner (chicken & Beef)


Wedding Leftovers


Becca said...

Chinese take-out is one of my faves too!! :)

darnold23 said...

I hope you will stop by Dining With Debbie with your favorite Crock Pot Wednesday entry. Misty Linky is up and waiting for you. The first of the giveaways for the inaugural event is posted.