Sunday, December 20, 2009

Weekly Words 12-20-09

Choosing the verse for this week was easy!  Truly, other than the news of Christ's rising from the dead, the news of His birth is the most joyous the earth has ever heard.

Meditate on this message this week.  Keep the "joy" at the center of all you do as you celebrate the holiday season.

Do not be worried by those that celebrate but do not believe.  Let Christ's life shine through you, so that they may see by example.

Be full of great joy and be blessed!


cindi said...

Thanks for reminding us what a joyous time of year this truly is. Praise God for Emmanuel.

Djfshop said...

Praise God! Merry Christmas. I truly love reading the message from the angel. Great joy! A Savior for all!